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Quiz: How much do you remember about Arsenal’s recent North London Derby successes?

April 1st marks seven months since Arsenal last faced off against their bitter North London rivals Tottenham, and with it currently unclear how long … Read More
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Everton make initial contact over possible move for Napoli’s Arek Milik

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Everton remain confident that they can land Gabriel

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Arsenal handed transfer boost as Willian reveals Premier League desire

Arsenal and Tottenham have been handed a transfer boost as Willian has revealed he intends on remaining in the Premier League if he leaves Chelsea … Read More

Everton could sign Pellegrini in a cut-price deal due to release clause

Everton could land midfield target Lorenzo Pellegrini for as little as £13 million this summer, according to Corriere dello Sport. Calciomercato … Read More

Arsenal join Man United and Tottenham in Osimhen chase

Arsenal have joined the race to sign Lille forward Victor Osimhen this summer, according to Le Quotidien du Foot, with Tottenham and Manchester … Read More