2023 is finally over and football fans are already looking forward to upcoming action in 2024. However, 2023 is not a year that Newcastle United fans will easily forget following 12 months of key wins, European Jaunts, a Wembley return, unfortunate suspensions, marquee signings, and much more.

While Newcastle’s poor performance towards the end of the year dampened the spirits of many supporters, many agree that 2023 was quite remarkable for the North East side. That’s considering they are only two years into their new era. Here are Newcastle’s biggest moments of 2023 that will remain in the minds of many Magpies supporters for a long time.

Longstaff makes history

January seems like the best place to start looking at Newcastle’s biggest moments. The Magpies started the year facing a two-legged tie against Southampton, but the Carabao Cup final spot was at stake. Fortunately, Jeolinton’s strike on Southampton gave Newcastle the advantage as they went back for their reverse match.

All three goals in the following match where the Magpies won 2-1 came early in the game, but the fans went through the tense game at St James’ Park with their fingers crossed. That’s despite the Magpie leading the game with a two-goal advantage. However, the relief came when the match came to an end and their supporters instantly started planning for the Wembley weekend with weeks away.

Tottenham embarrassed on Tyneside

After Newcastle’s cup defeat, it was back to the league matters and the Magpies were still looking to book a spot in the Champions League. Newcastle won five out of seven league matches after suffering a disappointing loss at Wembley, with Betway ZM offering solid odds on their games including their game against Spurs a St James’ Park.

When the game started, many fans weren’t sure what to expect considering that New Castle had lost 3-0 to Aston Villa eight days earlier. However, only 21 minutes into the game, Newcastle had secured a surprising 5-0 lead over the North London outfit.

Tottenham tried to get their act together, but they only managed to keep the scoreline somehow respectable to end the horror with a 6-1 scoreline. However, Tottenham’s goalkeeper Hugo Lloris did not play another game for the team after this disappointing drubbing.

Newcastle secures the top four with a stalemate

Almost a month after beating Tottenham, Newcastle fans got their wish after months of hard work and uncertainties, defying all odds. After a tight and tense game that ended in a 0-0 stalemate against the relegation-threatened Leicester, the Magpies managed to seal their UCL spot as punters wagered on the crash at the Betway sportsbook.  

When Howe took over the team 19 months earlier, the Magpie ranked 19th in the EPL standings. This crucial moment in May was enough to give the team the confidence that they would be participating in the biggest club competition in the 2023/2024 season.


While 2023 was somehow a mixed basket for the Magpies, they started the year in a great form and they went ahead to secure the UEFA Champions League spot. That’s despite drawing in their final home game against Leicester in the 2022/2023 season. The Magpies also had a great start in the Champions League, stunning PSG at St. James Park.

Image from: unsplash.com